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Drug Card Auto-ShipSM Option Details & Sign-up Form

Your time is better spent caring for the needs of your patients or clients, which is why we've created Drug Card Auto-ShipSM, insuring that you always have enough MedicineCards on hand to help those you serve to get the prescription medication they need. (Please note that for the Drug Card Auto-Ship option we send out a minimum of 50 MedicineCards per month).


Here’s how Drug Card Auto-ShipSM works:

1. Complete the Drug Card Auto-ShipSM form below . There’s never any cost or obligation - the program is always 100% FREE.

2. Making a change to your Drug Card Auto-ShipSM is easy. Just call Customer Service at 1-855-228-7379 to submit your request.


If you're not interested in Drug Card Auto-ShipSM, please request cards here, or by calling Customer Service at 1-855-228-7379. Thank you.


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