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Please complete the information below to request complimentary MedicineCards for your hospital, medical facility, community assistance agency, or to share with your family and friends (we send out 10 MedicineCards, by default).

MedicineCards are sent by First-Class U.S. Mail, and should arrive in 3-4 days.

Consider Signing up for Drug Card Auto-ShipSM

Click here for more information on our convenient Drug Card Auto-Ship option, allowing you to have a set number of MedicineCards shipped to your facility on a monthly basis - no reordering is necessary!Hospitals, medical providers, community assistance agencies, and food banks and pantries can take advantage of our convenient Drug Card Auto-ShipSM option and have a pre-determined number of MedicineCards delivered monthly, insuring that they never run out of this helpful resource. This is just one more way the MedicineCard strives to meet the needs our the people we serve.


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