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MedicineCard Frequently Asked  Questions and Answers

1. This sounds too good to be true - what's the catch? 

It's a fact that nobody benefits from prescriptions that go un-filled - not the pharmacy, the patient, the health-care provider, nor the community. The pharmaceutical  industry (drug manufacturers, pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies, and pharmacies) recognize that it's better to offer a "managed" discount, that increases the likelihood of getting customers into the store to get their prescriptions filled, then it is to charge full-price, have the prescription go unfilled, and make nothing at all.

By honoring the MedicineCard, pharmacies are able to help improve medication adherence by:

  • Filling more prescriptions (a lower profit margin is better than no profit at all).

  • Improving customer retention - the pharmacy business is very competitive.

  • Promoting brand loyalty to existing customers, and build it with new ones.

  • Bringing people through the doors that will likely buy something else while they're in the store.

There is never a charge for this card for health-care providers or patients - only savings. The cost of this program is 100% underwritten by the pharmaceutical industry. We're compensated by the pharmacies if, and only if, a cardholder saves money using the MedicineCard. [back to top]

2. We're a health-care provider (hospital, E.R., medical office, urgent-care center ) and would like to offer free MedicineCards to our patient-base. How many cards should we request?

That's a common and important question to answer. To improve overall community medication adherence, we recommend giving a free MedicineCard to everyone that comes through your doors, including those with insurance, because...

  • Many times, people are embarrassed about their financial situation and may not tell you that they can't afford their prescription.

  • Even people with prescription coverage may have to pay full-price, for some prescriptions, at the pharmacy. This card helps.

  • Someone may have the best insurance in the world, but it may not cover others in their family, like their spouse or children.

  • Everyone knows someone today who's just lost their job through layoffs or cut-backs; is working only part-time or temp jobs, or simply can't find a job with prescription benefits.

  • You may have good insurance today, but that doesn't mean you'll have it tomorrow - MedicineCards never expire.

  • The MedicineCard works for discounts on many pet prescriptions too.

Take the total number of patients seen monthly and divide by two. If you see 3000 patients a month, request 1500 cards to start. If you find that you're running out of cards before the end of the month, increase the number of cards you request the next month. For the sake of efficiency and convenience, we recommend using our free Drug Card Auto-Ship Program, which allows you to make adjustments, as needed, on a monthly basis.

Make the MedicineCard available on your website or blog or print cards here on our website. To order cards by phone, please call Customer Service at 1-855-228-7379. [back to top]

3. If patient has insurance, can they still use the MedicineCard?

Yes, they can use this card...

a. If a prescription drug needed is not covered by their insurance plan.

b. If they're in a "gap period" with their coverage (sometimes referred to as a "donut-hole").

c. If they have a high deductible to meet before their insurance kicks in.

d. To share with other family members and friends.

e. For their pet prescriptions, when filled at your local pharmacy.

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4. What about patient privacy?

No personal information is needed to get or use a MedicineCard. Patient privacy, at the pharmacy and with the PBM is protected by the very same HIPAA-regulations that govern the use of patient medical information at any other health-care provider. Information is never shared with or sold to any third party.

5. Do MedicineCards have to be "activated" or "registered" to work?

No, cards are pre-activated for immediate use at the pharmacy. No personal information is needed to get a card, and cards contain no personal information. [back to top]


6. How does a patient use the MedicineCard

Present card to their when getting a prescription filled or refilled and ask for your prescription discount - it's that simple. [back to top]

7. Can anyone else use a patient's MedicineCard

Yes, card can be shared with anyone. They can be coped, faxed, emailed, posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Additional free cards, for others, can be requested here. [back to top]

8. What drugs are covered by the MedicineCard

Discounts are available on over 54,000 FDA-approved, brand-name and generic drugs. Keep in mind that many pharmacies have lists of already deep-discounted drugs, that are not eligible for any further discount. [back to top]


9. What pharmacies accept the MedicineCard

Over 58,000 pharmacies nationwide accept the MedicineCard, including all major pharmacies like Walmart, Walgreens, Kmart, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Kroger, Costco, CVS, Publix, Sam's Club, and Target. Click here to locate a pharmacy by city, state, or by zip code.

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10. Do MedicineCards have to be presented every time a prescription is filled? 

The pharmacy keeps discount card info on file, but it doesn't hurt to show the card and ask for the discount, every time a prescription is filled, to make sure available discounts are given. [back to top]

11. How much does the MedicineCard save

Savings can go as high as 75%, based on the prescription being filled. Average cardholder savings is 28%. Cards are provided to consumers at no-cost, so any savings at all is money in the consumer's pocket. [back to top]

12. How many times can a MedicineCard be used? 

Cards are reusable, over and over again. [back to top]

13. Does the MedicineCard expire? 

No, cards have no expiration date. [back to top]

14. Can the MedicineCard really be used for pets?  

Yes, as long as the prescription needed is something that also is used to treat humans, and is being purchased from a participating pharmacy. Keep in mind, this won't cover things like heart-worm or flea-and tick medicine, or routine vaccinations. [back to top]

15. Do cardholders have to be a resident of the U.S.A. to use the MedicineCard

No, anyone (regardless of residency status) can use the MedicineCard to save money on their prescriptions, anywhere in the U.S.A., including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam. [back to top]

16. Can extra MedicineCards be printed online for others? 

Yes, print as many cards as you like to hand out to others by fax, email, mail, copy, or in person. [back to top]

17. Who provides the MedicineCard

Cards are provided, at no charge, by, and discount claims are adjudicated through the BioScrip pharmacy discount network.  [back to top]

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